Artist Statement

My paintings reflect the lightness of play, the depth of pain, the rhythm of music and the freedom of self- expression. I see the unlimited creativity inside us all reflected in the organic shapes and colors of the natural world. My work explores the free flow of artistic mediums combined with abstract organic forms. Working in collaboration with the mediums of acrylic and oil paint, canvas, paper, wood and glue my art is a spontaneous exploration.

Inspired by the playful improvisation of theatre and music. Inspired by the origins of our solar system and the microscopic building blocks of life on earth. My art seeks to grow deeper mystical connections between our inner and outer worlds. Dancing on the edge of chaos and order; meaning and the meaningless. I celebrate the beauty and mystery of life and invite you to join this journey. Come collaborate with my art and let it take you on an exploration of your imagination.

Artist Bio

Vincent Meyburgh is a professional painter, theatre maker and musician living in Cape Town (South Africa) and Nijmegen (Holland). Born in South Africa on 31 st of May 1971. His childhood was spent playing in imaginative worlds inspired by nature on an organic farm in South Africa run by his filmmaker father and German mother. They took him on adventures into European art galleries where he discovered his love for art. Vincent has exhibited his paintings at the Mayart Keramiek Atelier Galerie in Enschede, Holland as well as at Noordhoek Artpoint and Kevin Stanley Art in Cape Town South Africa.

I have been painting ever since I was a boy. At school I struggled with dyslexia and being hyperactive. School became a training ground for my stream-of-consciousness doodling and subversive clowning. In drama school I learned to channel my energy into theatre. I founded an NGO called Jungle Theatre Company to bring local stories to children who have limited access to arts. Since 2020 I have started dedicating more time to painting, developing my own style and finding my place in the art world.